Cenotes Labnaha
Cenotes Labnaha el mejor cenote.
Cenotes Labnaha the best Cenote
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The best Cenote
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Cenote Snorkeling Tour
Cenote Snorkeling tour

                         The best Cenote Snorkeling tour.

The snorkeling tour at Cenote Labnaha takes approximately 2 hrs.

It is consider the best snorkeling tour because of the natural formations of the cenote and also because it is surrounded by the exuberant Mayan Jungle. 

One of the mayor advantages of this snorkeling tour is the reduce number of people and also each group is guided by an expert Mayan guide.

Throughout the activity, you will be in contact with Mayan communities that live in the area, as well as the flora and fauna of the region. Also it will be explained how cenotes and their stalactites and stalagmites are formed.

Included in the tour:

Round trip transportation from the reception-cenote-reception. 

 Life vest and water mark

Entrance fee

Multilanguage guide 

Fresh water  

Regular price 50 us.

On-line price 45 us.

Reseravions= 15% discount booking on-line!                                    

                                          Cenotes Labnaha snorkeling tour.
Cenotes Labnaha el mejor cenote.Cenotes Labnaha the best CenoteFotos-Pictures Cenotes